Scope of Service

If I agree to represent you, I will provide legal services reasonably required, including assistance of other attorneys and paralegals as I determine are needed. I will take reasonable steps to keep you informed of progress, respond to your inquiries, and use staff to minimize your legal fees without affecting the quality of my work product.


I cannot, and do not guarantee the outcome of your matter. Any comments are only an opinion.

Client Duties

You agree to tell me the truth, cooperate, keep me informed of developments and how to contact you when needed, and pay my bills on time.

The initial consultation is NOT free and I DO charge you for the initial consultation

I normally discuss your matter with you generally by telephone without charge to determine if your matter is the type for which I may agree to represent you, and to describe the services I can provide to you so you can consider if you want to engage my services before we schedule a conference.

Legal Fees and Costs

I bill for most matters hourly in minimum 1/10 hour increments (6 minutes), but may consider factors, including skill required to properly perform the service, the customary fee in the area, results obtained, and my experience, reputation and ability. You will be billed for research, telephone calls with you, opposing parties or counsel, and conferences among attorneys and paralegals assigned to your case resulting in each charging for their time. You will pay costs and expenses I incur for you, including long distance telephone charges, messenger and delivery fees, postage, photocopying, facsimiles, computerized legal research, travel expenses, filing fees, secretarial and clerical overtime, and similar charges. Because most work is billed hourly it is to your advantage to telephone only when necessary, and to be fully prepared to discuss your questions.

Billing deposit (retainer)

I may request a billing deposit at our initial conference, or an initial or additional deposit at a later time. This is not a minimum or maximum fee, or estimate of the fees you will incur. Billing deposits are placed in my firm’s trust account and applied to your fees as incurred. I will refund any unused portion of the deposit on completion or termination of representation.


I normally bill you monthly for fees and costs. Your payment is due on receipt of our statement. If your payment is not received within 30 days of the statement date or time I specify, I may halt work until payment or other satisfactory arrangements are made, and may charge you interest, or I may terminate my representation.


If I am not be available when you phone, please leave as complete a message as possible (either voice mail or with my assistant) and I will respond as promptly as I can. If you need immediate attention please tell the receptionist and she will try to locate me or another attorney to assist you. If you do not need to speak with me I will try to have the requested information mailed to you or have someone phone you with the information.

Related Parties/Conflicts

You must advise me immediately whether documents I prepare for you are to remain confidential and undisclosed to your spouse, partners, shareholders, or other related parties, in which case I must refuse representation of the related party unless that particular conflict of interest is waived in writing by the related party.

Other Legal Representation

I can not represent you in a matter for which you have retained another attorney unless you terminate their representation or your other attorney consents to my representing you.

Administrative Questions

Questions concerning billings, office procedures or similar matters should be directed initially to the office administrator. If you do not receive a satisfactory answer please contact me.


You may terminate my representation at any time. I may withdraw with your consent or for good cause, including ethical reasons or in your best interest, or your failure to pay my statements when due.