Corporate Name:_______________
YEAR END DATE: 12/31 or /
Date, time and place of: (Action by unanimous consent will be used unless marked below)
Annual Meeting of Shareholders: //200_
Annual Meeting of Directors: //200_
Persons Present at meetings: (not required for action by unanimous consent)

Corporation fiscal year ends: ____
Names of officers:
President: ___________
Vice President ___________
Secretary: ___________
Treasurer: ___________
Assistant Secretary ___________
Assistant Treasurer ___________
Names of Directors:

Names of Shareholders:

Did the number of Directors increase or decrease ? If so, please explain, giving the effective date of such change.

Did Officers’ salary change during the past fiscal year ? If so, please furnish names, salaries and effective dates.

Were interim bonuses paid to any Directors or Officers ? If so, please furnish names, amounts and dates when paid.

Were there any extraordinary events or transactions during your last fiscal year ? If so, please explain.

Was it necessary to call a special meeting during your last fiscal year ? (i.e. resignation of directors, major capital expenditure) If so, please explain.

Is there anything else, not included in the above, which you feel should be included in your corporate minutes/action ?